Arik Brabbing

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Spy Games: The Dark Side of the Web

While in the past terrorist organizations depended on physical contact to obtain information about Israel, the current technological era offers a much simpler alternative. This is how the method works  

Participants of the March of the Living, Poland (Archive photo: AP)

The Technology that Will Ensure We Never Forget

State-of-the-art information technology, cyber, social media and the task of maintaining and bequeathing the collective memory of the State of Israel must be intertwined so that larger young audiences, speaking various languages and representing different cultures, will get to know, remember and pass on the lessons of the Holocaust. Opinion

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The "Insiders" Threat

We make substantial investments opposite external opponents, but sometimes "forget" the option of internal threats created by people – employees and managers in business organizations and other bodies. Arik Brabbing, formerly the Head of the ISA's Cyber Division, in an exclusive opinion article on the internal threat that exists within every organization