Dr. Udi Levy

Photo: AP

Saving Tehran: Iran Might Force the Region into a Confrontation

Against the background of the surge of protest in Iran, the Iranian leadership might initiate provocations opposite the USA and Israel, to regain the support of the Iranian public. Iran's recent attempts to inflame the situation on the ground have failed, so another round of provocations should be expected soon. Commentary  

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (Photo: AP)

The Attack on Saudi Arabia: Iran’s Sober Logic

The recent Iranian operation against Saudi Arabia’s oil installations raises questions about Iran’s policy. The attack may be regarded as the crossing of a red line, but apparently, the Iranians have good reasons for going so far as harming their neighboring enemy and the global oil market

Keeping One i Open

Since brand recognition and consumption in the past decade have moved to the digital domain, protecting the digital asset has become an increasing challenge. A special review of the growing field of threat intelligence