Shlomo Gazit

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Maj. Gen. (Res.) Shlomo Gazit served as Head of the IDF GHQ Intelligence Division immediately following the 1973 Yom-Kippur War. He took part in the peace talks with Egypt, served as President of the Ben-Gurion University and as Director General of the Jewish Agency for Israel. Today he is a senior research associate at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS).

The President Achieves His Goal

"Even without an attack in Syria, there is no fear at this point that the Syrian regime will venture to employ chemical weapons again in the context of its war against the insurgents"

The Red Line

The former Head of the IDF Directorate of Military Intelligence portrays the internal reservations of the US president on whether or not to attack in SyriaThe Red Line – Obama's Confession

Change the Disc

Given the complex reality around us, we should reconsider whether the almost-automatic response of an Israeli strike after an enemy missile attack is really the appropriate course of action. A column by the former head of Israeli Military Intelligence