Ram Levi

Ram Levi is a Cybersecurity Expert & Public Speaker and advisor to leading organizations on cybersecurity .
Ram is the Founder and CEO of Konfidas cybersecurity consulting firm; Co-founder and Director at London Cyber Security (LCS); the Cybersecurity advisor to the National Research and Development Council; member of the national committee for cybersecurity research and development; senior fellow at the Yuval Ne'eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security, Tel Aviv University. In 2011 he served as Secretary of the Prime Minister's National Cyber Initiative Task Force that spearheaded the government resolution on establishing the National Cyber Bureau. In 2010 he co-authored the national civilian space policy. Ram holds MA (Cum Laude) from the Tel Aviv University (thesis on Cyber attack of Space Systems), bachelor of the International Space University (ISU), holds a degree in Computer Science, and trained in the elite IDF “Mamram” Programming School.

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The Risky Business of Cyber Risk Insurance

Cyber insurance is growing increasingly more popular as cyber attacks become more common. However, many businesses fail to realize that the decision to purchase cyber risk insurance should be the result of a thorough risk management process

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Deeds - Not Just Words

The massive cyber attack against TalkTalk Telecom, Britain's second largest communication supplier, constitutes a test case of the lack of preparedness by major corporations for the risks imposed on businesses by cyber threats

Is the Sony Hack the Dawn of Cyber Deterrence?

In cyberspace, actors are usually not deterred as a result of the difficulty in determining the perpetrator behind a cyberattack, which, in its turn, makes retaliation difficult. Ram Levi believes that when the United States blamed North Korea for the attack on Sony and retaliated, they may have changed the rules of the game

The Next Target: Mass Media Channels

You thought that Hamas' cyber attack on Israeli media last week is a unique case? Well, Ram Levi uncovers the truth behind the recent attacks on media outlets around the world, a threat the World Economic Forum named - "digital firestorm"

Global Supply Chain (Photo: projectnorielblog)

The Supply Chain - the Silent Threat

High-value cyberspace attacks can change the status quo. Whether they involve stealing the blueprints for a new aircraft design or disrupting the supply of electrical power, all of them have one weakness in common – the supply chain. Special analysis of today’s most dangerous cyber threat

Modern Warfare

The attack on prominent banks in the US indicates that Iran’s offensive cybernetic warfare capabilities are better than expected, assuming Teheran was actually behind this attack

Did Iran Attack the US Banks?

Ram Levi discusses the cyber attacks of the recent months directed against the US and its financial systemDid Iran Attack the US Banks?

Vulnerable in Space

Approximately one thousand military and civilian satellites orbit the planet, all of which are likely targets for a concerted cyber-attack. Ram Levi and Tal Dekel offer a glimpse at the far-off silent war

The Fifth Fighting Space

What is Israel’s current position in cyberwarfare and where is Israel headed? Ram Levi, former secretary of the National Cybernetic Taskforce, outlines the National Cyber Directorate (NCD) approved by the Israeli Cabinet