A test of the Spike missile system. Archive photo: Rafael

IDF to Adapt Spike Missile to Urban Warfare

Amid steps to boost the IDF's efficiency being led by the Ground Forces commander, a senior officer said the IDF will adapt the Spike missile to current threats. "We will develop a version that is more suitable to urban warfare," the officer told Israel Defense

The offices of Lahav 433. Photo: Israel Police's official website

Lahav-433 in the Cybercrime Era

The cyber unit of the Israel Police tackles the most complex cases in this realm. "People should regard us as the Israeli FBI," says a senior police officer. Exclusive report in anticipation of the Cybertech Global conference in Tel Aviv

Photo: By Refael

Digitizing the Battlefield

The significant changes in warfare have made the role of the soldier on the ground more complex. This reality compels the defense industries to develop resources that would make life easier for military forces. For this purpose, Rafael established an innovation program center intended to adapt the company's products to the world of network-centric warfare  

Photo: IDF spokesperson unit

Reinforcing a Weak Link: IDF Channel Resources to its Battalions

This year, the training budget of IDF will be allocated mainly to the empowerment of the battalions, along two primary axes: improving their competence in the employment of new weapon systems, and improving their combined-arms warfare performance. IDF sources stressed that the process in question is a continuous process of revising the training outline of IDF, which is expected to continue into the future, so as to adapt to the changing threats