Photo: IDF spokesperson unit

Reinforcing a Weak Link: IDF Channel Resources to its Battalions

This year, the training budget of IDF will be allocated mainly to the empowerment of the battalions, along two primary axes: improving their competence in the employment of new weapon systems, and improving their combined-arms warfare performance. IDF sources stressed that the process in question is a continuous process of revising the training outline of IDF, which is expected to continue into the future, so as to adapt to the changing threats  

Photo: Meir azulay

The Vision: Printing a Nano-Satellite

With a staff considered the spearhead of the field, the 3D printing center at IAI is run as a startup, and its employees produce technological solutions for defense clients, which are implemented in satellites and missile systems. A peek into the company's "specialist unit" in the electromechanical manufacturing field  

 .Founders of L7 Defense. Photo: L7 Defense

Open Banking Requires Rethinking about API Protection

New open banking regulations promoted by the Bank of Israel introduce new risks in the application programming interfaces (APIs) between the bank and third parties. "Each API interface needs dedicated protection," says Dr. Doron Chema, co-founder and CEO of L7 Defense.