Report: senior Israelis met with son of Khalifa Haftar 

According to the report by Intelligence Online, Israel is also in contact with the son of Qaddafi, who is supported by the Russians. Israeli representatives have good contacts with both sides of the conflict in Libya – Tripoli and Benghazi, the report says 

Yiftah Ron-Tal. Screenshot from the conference

The next cyber challenge: 'internet of electricity' 

Yiftah Ron-Tal, Chairman of the Israel Electric Corporation, describes the vision of a global decentralized electricity network in which every consumer produces energy and sells the surplus via virtual currency. A special report from Cybertech Dubai 

Noam Krakover, Chief Revenue Officer of the Cyber Division of IAI-ELTA. Screenshot from the event

IAI offers 'cyber radar' to organizations

The Cyber Division of IAI-ELTA, which specializes, among other fields, in development of radar, offers "cyber radar" to organizations and governments around the world. The objective: to enable decisionmakers to get a picture of the current situation and to forecast future attacks