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Ehud Eilam (PhD) is the representative of Israeldefense magazine in the USA.
He used to work for Israel’s Ministry of Defense. His email: [email protected]

Israeli PM Netanyahu with Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shoukry (Photo: AP)

The Frail Israeli-Egyptian Defense Relations

With a history of animosity and conflicts in the Sinai Peninsula, the Egyptians now maintain close defense ties with Israel, as both sides share two common enemies: Hamas and ISIS

UN peacekeepers and Israeli soldiers patrol the border with Syria (Photo: AP)

Israel and the Civil War in Syria

During the 1973 war, Syria attempted to recapture the Golan Heights from Israel but failed. Since then, both countries have refrained from reigniting the war. As the war in Syria rages on, would the Israeli-Syrian front remain quiet?

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: AP)

The Israeli-Palestinian Collision Course

Dr. Ehud Eilam discusses the tension between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and explains why it would be in the interest of both parties to avoid another confrontation in the West Bank

Palestinian Hamas security forces (Photo: AP)

Future Confrontations with Hamas & Hezbollah

The primary challenge IDF will face in the coming years will consist of hybrid opponents, namely – non-state organizations that had developed military strength combining guerrilla tactics and regular armed forces, notably Hamas and Hezbollah

Hamas members in the Gaza Strip (Photo: AP)

What would Hamas and Hezbollah do if Israel attacks Iran?

Would Hezbollah use its vast missile arsenal? Will Hamas join the fight? And what will be the reaction of the Sunni Arab states? Dr. Ehud Eilam examines the possible implications of an Israeli airstrike on Iranian nuclear sites

S-300 missile system displayed by Iran's army during a military parade (Photo: AP)

Implications of an Israeli Attack on Iran

Would Israel risk losing American support and perform a preemptive strike on Iran's nuclear sites? Dr. Ehud Eilam discusses Israel's strategy to thwart the Iranian nuclear threat

Photo: IDF

Would Israel strike Iran?

With repeated Iranian threats to annihilate the Jewish State, the Israeli government is adamant in keeping the military option on the table. Dr. Ehud Eilam analyzes the volatile situation   

IAF F-15 Eagle jet fighter (Photo: AP)

The Jordanian Position during an Israeli Attack on Iran

In case Iran will breach the JCPOA agreement and try to produce nuclear weapons, Israel might attack its nuclear sites. Ehud Eilam on the dilemma confronted by Jordan, as Israeli planes might have to cross its airspace on their way to Iran

A Joint Israeli-Arab Attack on Iran?

Israel and Arab states, members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, have several reasons why to stop Iran if the latter tries to produce a nuclear weapon. Ehud Eilam offers a vision for a future joint attack