Ehud Eilam

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Ehud Eilam (PhD) is the representative of Israeldefense magazine in the USA.
He used to work for Israel’s Ministry of Defense. His email: [email protected]

Photo: IDF

Israel vs. Hezbollah

Commentary: Amid ongoing tension between the two sides, a miscalculation by one or the other, or both, might ignite another war, although neither side wants one right now

An Israeli tank is seen after crossing back into Israel in August 2014 at the end of Operation Protective Edge in Gaza. Photo: REUTERS/Baz Ratner

The nature of the next war between Israel and Egypt, if it happens

Commentary: Egypt and Israel have many reasons not to challenge one another on the battlefield. However, a confrontation might occur against the will of one of them or perhaps both of them. Therefore, the IDF must be prepared for a potential conflict 

Photo: US Air Force

The United States, Israel and the UAE against Iran

Commentary: There was a need to make the ties between Israel and the UAE public, showing Iran that its foes are forming an alliance and are not afraid of making it official. Israel and the UAE did not sign a military pact against Iran yet, but they took a vital step 

Soldiers at an IDF base participate in the democratic process on Election Day. Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Israeli democracy and its military challenges

Commentary: There have been all kinds of aspects of militarization in the country, but Israelis are loyal to their democratic system

Photo: IAF

The war between Iran and Israel in Syria

Commentary: Tactics and outlooks have changed over the course of the war. Both Israel and Iran have to calculate their actions carefully. It is likely that Syria will remain a battlefield for the conflict between the nations for the foreseeable future

Israeli forces in Lebanon, 2006 (Photo: AP)

What Will the Next Israel-Hezbollah War Look Like?

The next round between Israel and Hezbollah might be much more destructive than the 2006 war, as the IDF would face a stronger, bigger adversary than it was twelve years ago. Analysis by Dr. Ehud Eilam