Zaki Shalom

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Professor Zaki Shalom is a senior researcher at the Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel, Ben-Gurion University.

The Iranian Nuclear Crisis and the US Administration: The Dilemma

President Obama stated that since there is no guarantee that the talks with Iran will lead to an agreement, the United States is keeping all options on the table. Zaki Shalom outlines for INSS the dilemma of sanctions in light of the effort to promote an agreement and the Israeli connection

Should Israel Embrace Anew the Doctrine of Preventive War?

Israel is engaged in warfare against Hamas – a terror organization that openly declares its desire to bring upon the destruction of Israel, and who does not seem to be willing to end the fighting. Israel will have to ask itself whether its military doctrine suits the challenges and threats Israel is facingShould Israel embrace anew the doctrine of Preventive War?

The Ukraine Crisis - Possible Implications for Israel

The evolving crisis around Ukraine may be of great significance to the Middle East, primarily to the State of Israel, in a variety of ways. Prof. Zaki Shalom outlines the possible implications of the Ukraine crisis for IsraelThe Ukraine Crisis - Possible Implications for Israel