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כתבת לענייני צבא וביטחון במגזין IsraelDefense. בעלת תואר ראשון במדעי המדינה ובלימודי מזרח אסיה מאוניברסיטת חיפה עם התמקדות בתחומי צבא ובטחון ויחסים בינלאומיים. מוריה בעלת תעודה בלימודי עיתונאות ותקשורת בבית הספר "כותרת". שימשה ככתבת חדשות ומגזין בעיתון "זמן תל אביב" ואתר NRG וברשת "ידיעות תקשורת".

New Three-Channel Payload

NextVision has produced a new, lightweight payload, which includes day, night and laser channels, and allows for long-range operation

Preparing for Every Scenario

Changes in national & civilian awareness, readiness and optimal cooperation between entities are among the things emphasized at the 2nd international emergency conference held in Israel. Homefront Defense Director General: "the whole population is a front and everyone bears the responsibility. Those preparing themselves do not suffer from severe harm"

Sky Sapience to Deliver HoverMast-100 to IDF

IsraelDefense has learned that the IDF will receive the first HoverMast-100 system by Sky Sapience in the coming weeks. The system is intended for deployment by typical soldiers in the field

The Goal: Maintaining Communication Continuity

As a result of various wartime or natural disaster scenarios, communication networks can sustain severe damage. How do the various organizations and agencies prepare in order to ensure uninterrupted communication during an emergency, and what are the available solutions? A special review

Advanced Observation and Surveillance Vehicle

Plassan Sasa will present the Spider-SC1 vehicle, equipped with advanced intelligence and C4I systems and intended for HLS missions, at the LAAD 2013 expo, which will begin tomorrow

"The Future is in Applications"

Oded Nachmoni of Elta Systems, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), presents the company's vision in the field of communications and recounts the birth of the new TAC4G system

Center: CEO Roni Shafir (Photo: Meir Azulay)

Shafir Enters The Indian Market

Shafir, a provider of advanced production solutions, recently began to provide professional accompaniment to Indian companies that sell their products to Israel in the framework of reciprocal procurement. Roni Shafir, Shafir CEO: “country budgets force us to become more efficient”

New BriefCam Investor

Motorola Solutions invests in company that develops systems for video synopsis and analysis, and will help it break into further markets