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כתבת לענייני צבא וביטחון במגזין IsraelDefense. בעלת תואר ראשון במדעי המדינה ובלימודי מזרח אסיה מאוניברסיטת חיפה עם התמקדות בתחומי צבא ובטחון ויחסים בינלאומיים. מוריה בעלת תעודה בלימודי עיתונאות ותקשורת בבית הספר "כותרת". שימשה ככתבת חדשות ומגזין בעיתון "זמן תל אביב" ואתר NRG וברשת "ידיעות תקשורת".

Simulating Real Combat

The Spike missile tactical trainer at the IDF Infantry School that recently underwent upgrades allows soldiers and commanders to train complex combat scenarios

New CEO for Thermal Beacon

Avi Peer, CEO of Thermal Beacon for the past 11 years, to leave the company and will be replaced by Gil Goldberg, CEO and owner of Godltec Technologies, which holds partial control of the company

Anyone may be an Attacker"

The principal of the IMI Academy for Advanced Security and Anti-Terror Training describes the training of security and anti-terror personnel in an age when terrorist attacks take place in Burgas, Bulgaria and Boston, Massachusetts as well

800 Wings in 15 Years

Yossi Melamed, who heads the Lahav Division at IAI, discusses how the company is preparing to meet its new contract - manufacturing the wings of the F-35 fighter jet

New IDF Gear

T9design develops a modular vest used as armor protection and as a combat vest

Organizational Changes to National Security Layouts

The head of the Israel Police's Security Division, Deputy Inspector General Levi Amiti, discusses the changes in the security concepts: technology instead of a security person in every restaurant

IDF Testing MSE Sights

The company is expected to deliver thousands of new reflex sights by the end of 2013

Rafael Tactical Systems

One of the systems enables the processing of data delivered from a payload weighing 1.3 kg, through the use of a laptop in the field

EVigilo Expands Business in Chile

After supplying a system for warning civilians of tsunamis, the company will install its system on the cellular devices of special forces