David Ivry

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Mr. David Ivry is the President of Boeing Israel. He served as Ambassador of Israel to the USA, Head of the National Security Council, Director-General of the Ministry of Defense, Chairman of Israel Aircraft Industries, IDF Deputy Chief of Staff and Commander of the Israeli Air Force

IDF troops operating in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge (Photo: IDF)

Management of Military Operations – Authority & Responsibility Assignment

"The employment of military power is a part of the on-going process of administering and implementing the overall national policy. It is intended to accomplish diplomatic/political objectives, rather than military goals." Special column by Maj. Gen. (res.) David Ivry

F-22 fighter jets (Photo: AP)

Fifth-Generation Fighter Aircraft – Questions & Doubts

"The F-22 is a fifth-generation fighter to all intents and purposes, offering some specific advantages over the F-35 in certain aspects." President of Boeing Israel, Maj. Gen. (ret.) David Ivry, raises questions regarding Israel's fifth-generation aircraft. Opinion

Photo: IDF

Between Military Victory and Political Achievement

The Israeli victory in the Six-Day War had led to a major rift between the warring parties, to the point where peace was unachievable. Accordingly, Maj. Gen. (ret.) David Ivry maintains that military deterrence should not be an objective in itself, but a part of the political achievements. Opinion

The US Embassy in Tel Aviv, Israel (Photo: Bigstock)

Relocating the US Embassy to Jerusalem – a Necessary Move

Speaking before the AIPAC Policy Conference yesterday, US Vice President Mike Pence said Trump is still 'seriously considering' moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. In the view of former Israeli Ambassador to the United States David Ivry, this long-time promise by previous US presidential candidates must finally be fulfilled

The Western Wall and the gilded Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem (Photo: AP)

Between the Palmach Veterans & the UNESCO Resolution

Maj. Gen. (ret.) David Ivry discusses the controversial UNESCO resolution that disassociates the Jewish people from their holy sites and the efforts initiated by the Palestinian Authority to de-legitimize Israel as a Jewish state. Opinion

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Iran & the Flexibility of History

One of the most troubling aspects of the public debate is the fact that it has become very superficial, and sometimes inaccurate. Maj. Gen. (ret.) David Ivry tells the diplomatic story of the 1981 attack of the Iraqi nuclear reactor, from the eyes of the IAF commander at the time