Meir Elran & Carmit Padan

Gazans flying incendiary kites toward Israel (Photo: AP)

A Burning Dilemma: Another Round or a Change of Reality?

Over the last few months, the phenomenon of incendiary kites launched from the Gaza Strip and setting Israeli fields ablaze has gained momentum. Brig. Gen. (ret.) Dr. Meir Elran and Dr. Carmit Padan discuss the options available to Israel and the implications of Hamas' "new weapon"

Iron Dome battery deployed near the northern Israeli city of Haifa (Photo: AP)

Israel's Home Front: Worsening Threat, Lukewarm Interest

 Is Israel’s response for the civilian home front sufficiently effective considering the emerging security threat posed to Israeli population by its adversaries? A special review of the emerging security challenges of the Israeli home front at Israel's 70th anniversary

The Home Front Command simulated a large-scale chemical weapons attack (Photo: IDF)

From the Home Front to the Front Line

According to various reports, the preparedness of the Israeli home front for war is "mediocre plus" only, and the National Emergency Authority reports serious gaps in the preparations of the rear area. What can be done to properly prepare for the next round of fighting?