Yotam Gutman & Ami Rojkes Dombe

IDF training in the Red Sea (Photo: IDF)

Coping with Modern Marine Terrorism

Naval forces face numerous challenges in the context of the war against terrorism, including budget constraints, the proliferation of dual-use technology, and the absence of inter-arm cooperation. To overcome these obstacles, a different security management concept must be implemented

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The Storytellers: Deception at Sea

Creating a deception in the context of the employment of a naval force is the ability to tell the opponent a story that is different from reality. A successful psychological feint can generate deterrence at the strategic level as well as providing a tactical advantage

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Exposed on the High Seas

The 'Achilles' Heel' of every aircraft carrier is its inherent vulnerability. It weighs 100,000 tons, carries 60 to 80 aircraft and is difficult to conceal or defend. So, how do you protect it against hostile attacks on the maritime battlefield?