Guy Dagan

Guy Dagan. Photo: Miki Schauder

The Weakest Link: Cyber Risks During the Coronavirus Crisis

An organization’s level of cyber defense is always determined by the weak link- the human element. During these times, the risk becomes greater and more important than ever. Employee education on the matter of cyber threats is essential and crucial for the safety of the organization’s network and property  

The Employee - Cyber Warfare’s Last Line of Defense

The human element within the organization is the most neglected element in the organizational cyber defense strategy. At the same time, education is the quickest and least expensive way to improve the cyber security layout. Exclusive analysis

All for One & One for All

In the cybernetic era, the employees of every organization must realize that defending the organization’s assets includes the protection of their own personal information. The executive in charge of information security awareness at Bank HaPoalim in an exclusive article