Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

A prominent leader within the field of C4I and ISR, Rafael develops and offers numerous systems such as SpotLite, SkyLite, Litening and others as well as solutions tailored to the demands of its wide ranging clients.
SpotLite offers swift force detection, allowing forces to quickly neutralize the enemy. SkyLite is a mini-UAV high resolution imagery system intended to meet ISR needs of all military branches, configured to perform missions below a low cloud ceiling and in harsh weather conditions.
A ground-breaking IR targeting and navigation pod for fighters, Litening offers high accuracy and precision strike capability, operational during day and nighttime. Use of Litening systems reduces pilot workload, and the system has been utilized in a wide range of fighter aircraft within the Israeli, US & German Air Forces, among others.


P.O. Box 2250, Haifa 31021, Israel


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