Presents its system which Revolutionizing the Field of Energy in Israel:

This accumulation system acts as an energy bank. The system partially utilizes the grid, solar, and wind, and in the event of a power spike, the user simply needs to syphon off power from off-grid storage facilities, and gets a shortages-free system. The technology enables the system to be used not only in a regular house hold but also in larger and national systems.

The first energy bank offers a practical and sustainable solution to the Israeli energy market and internationally and will minimize its dependency on external energy sources.

The system is also cost-effective as the user is capable of setting up specific working scenarios not only for the day but also for different months and according to seasonal tariff changes. By supporting the power need from previously stored energy, the owner can reduce the demand for power at specific high-price tariff times, generating measurable savings on the

Nation-E´s advanced technologies have been in development since 2006 by entrepreneur, Mr. Daniel Jammerwho is the company president- Owner and Founder. The technology was developed to enable smart energy management solutions. Nation-E continuously strives to improve on technologies to make electricity and grids smarter, cheaper, greener and more efficient.


Medinat Hayehudim 89, Herzliya Pituach Tower E, 46140, Israel

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