Gad Miller

The Gad Miller Company was established in 1943, specializing in designing and producing quality military products in the field of technical textiles.
Using over six decades of industry experience and expertise, Gad Miller manufactures equipment for the security forces, while providing diverse solutions and custom-made solutions, to meet client's specific needs and demands.
Gad Miller s unique products combine traditional materials, as well as the very latest, cutting-edge technology. Products features include:
Infra-red emission / Radiation prevention / Fire resistance / Signal jammer canvas / Extra light-weight & high-strength material / Sound-proof / Water-sealed
These industry-leading products combine plastic, metal and rubber parts to deliver the very best functionality.
The company maintains the highest manufacturing standards and has been approved by:
ISO 9001 (International Standard Organization certified, 2000)
IDF (Israeli Defence Force meticulous quality control) - B level
We supply the security industry with a range of products such as:
" Tactical vests
" Specialized backpacks, carriers & covers
" Pouches, hostlers & weapon strips
" Boxes & bags for storage of sensitive electronic and medical equipment
" Communication & radio packs
" Training equipment & protective gear for contact combat & krav maga.


8 Bar Kochva St, Bnei Brak 51216. Israel <br/>


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