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    Photo: IDF

    Is Israel's Air Superiority in Danger?

    The acquisition of modern aircraft and cutting-edge airborne systems by Middle Eastern countries and the changing modes of warfare present serious challenges to the Israeli Air Force. Exclusive review of the balance of aerial powers in the region  

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    A "Bright Star" In The Geopolitical Sky

    With a new North Korean satellite orbiting Earth, Prof. Giancarlo Elia Valori analyzes the DPRK's strategic intentions behind this launch, and shares his view of how the superpowers should handle the negotiations with the North Korean regime

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    Towards UVID 2017 Conference: Modern-Day UAS

    In anticipation of the Sixth International UVID Conference on unmanned systems to be held on Thursday at the Avenue Convention Center, a special review by Conference Chairman Alon Unger of the primary characteristics of the new era in the UAS field