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    Cutting the ribbon at the new American base (Photo: IDF)

    US Inaugurated First Military Base in Israel

    The facility, located within the IAF’s School of Aerial Defense in southern Israel, will house dozens of American soldiers, permanently stationed in Israel as part of a task force

    (Photo Credit: Boeing)

    The Next Generation of IAF's OrBat?

    From new heavy-lift helicopters to the next generation of the veteran F-15 fighter jet – the Israeli Air Force is looking toward a possible upgraded order of battle

    Egyptian and Russian paratroopers ahead of a joint exercise (Photo Credit: Russian Ministry of Defence)

    Egyptian Paratroopers to Train with Ratnik-3 Combat Gear

    During a joint military exercise with Russia slated for September 2017, Egyptian airborne units will examine the advanced Russian-made Ratnik-3 infantry combat system

    MIG-31s fly over St. Petersburg during the Victory Day military parade (Photo: AP)

    Russia's Future Aircraft: "MiG-41" Interceptor

    According to the CEO of the MiG Corporation, the new interceptor aircraft will be able to reach space and potentially operate without a pilot

    The first LRSAM Missile handed to India's minister of defense (Photo: IAI)

    IAI Delivers First LRSAM Missile to Indian Navy

    The LRSAM air and missile defense system, jointly developed by IAI and India’s DRDO, will be installed in India's operational missile ships whose construction has been completed recently