B.G. Ilanit Gates and Urban Elements Ltd

B.G Ilanit offers professional products suitable for military and civilian needs, with more than three decades of knowledge and experience in the field of security solutions, enabling it to offer products and services to the highest international standards.

Shirionit Hosem Security Products / Superlock

Since its foundation more than 15 years ago, Superlock specializes in a development, production and marketing of security doors.
The company has established itself as a leading developer and manufacturer in its field with its products available across more than 40 countries, with a series of collaborations with subsidiaries around the world.
The company s products feature the use of innovative technology, a wide variety of breathtaking designs and strict manufacturing standards, making the doors an attractive product for hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

Rav Magen

For over 25 years, Apex Super Migun Ltd. (Rav Magen) has been involved in the development, production, and supply of high security, decorative entrance doors, as well as fire-resistance doors, commercial doors, 4-way lock systems and more. Its products are used for houses, apartments, offices, commercial and industrial buildings, in domestic markets and in various countries all over the world.
Apex adheres to the highest of global standards, and aims to offer the best product in the industry and to support its costumer with reliable and exceptional service.

RAV-BARIACH Security Doors

Rav Bariach was established during 1973 and has become a leader in the field of door-manufacturing ever since. The company and its leading Pladelet brand have become synonymous with security doors.
The company s stellar reputation is a direct result of its high-quality products, innovative thinking, and quality as well as a result of millions of satisfied customers worldwide. The company has business partners on five continents, some of whom hold workshops to match Rav Bariach designer doors to the needs of local markets.

Orli Fences Ltd

ORLI Fences is a producer of iron fences, gates and railings, widely used by residential, commercial, industrial and government facilities, including high security factories, detention facilities, educational institutions and recreational parks.
The company manufactures modular fences and rails that can be configured for a broad spectrum of applications, such as barricades, airport security, oil refineries, border fences and more. The company s cutting-edge products are designed to provide increased strength and greater protection from weather and vandalism damages.

Mul-T-Lock Ltd

Mul-T-Lock Ltd. is a global leader in the development production and marketing of High Security products for institutional, commercial, industrial, residential and automotive applications. The company s products comply with some of the toughest international standards such as ISO 9001:2000, CEN, VDS and more.

Knock N Lock

Knock N' Lock is a developer and manufacturer of modern, novel electronic locking solutions. All of the company s products provide an extremely high security level, are easy to use and install, and feature state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled protection against vandalism.
Knock N'Lock operates across the world via two companies: E-Lock Technologies Ltd. located in Hong Kong, where mechanical engineering and logistics are situated, and Knock N' Lock Ltd. in Israel, where R&D, assembly, and marketing operations are carried out.


A leading company within the field of design, development and production of advanced fencing systems and access control, Kalram has been producing superior products for cities, government agencies and organizations, industrial plants and private institutions for over 45 years.
Kalram uses state-of-the-art systems and technologies to create unique designs and products tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

ISM-Safes Ltd

For more than 90 years, ISM s dedication to technological research & development has produced Safes, Vault Doors, Security Doors and Metal Packaging Parts for electronics components and a diverse range of precision sheet-metal works.
ISM security products hold the highest rating given by Underwrites Laboratories Inc. of the USA as well as by the Israel Standards Institute, the Safe Rating Board of the Dutch Insurance Companies of Holland and Lloyds of London.

Goren and Sons Automatic Gates and Barriers Ltd

Dating back to its foundation in 1963, Goren and Sons is a leader in the field of electrical, automated gates and barriers in Israel. An industry leader, the company is committed to providing high quality products that outperform all competition and are intended for long term use.
The company s products are sampled and tested on an ongoing basis to continue and ensure that it provides products of the highest possible quality , with its security barriers have been tested and approved by the authorized organizations, and have also undergone stopping tests and crash tests.


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