Export Erez Ltd

With years of experience in the production of ballistic protective products, Export Erez offers its global customers with a complete range of military, police and security oriented protective equipment. Such equipment includes various body armor vests, outer tactical vests, ballistic shields, helmets and personal gear, as well as a complete range of counter-terror, riot control & personal protective equipment.

North East Technologies Ltd

Established in 1994, North East Technologies Ltd. (NET) has been and is involved with military, law-enforcement and commercial activities around the world with a high rate of success throughout the years. NET works to find the best realistic solutions suitable for its clients.
The company s primary fields of interest and operation concern development, marketing & management of defense projects, providing security/defense equipment and materials for military and commercial markets and modifying ammunition disposal according to client requirements and specifications.

Meprolight (1990) LTD

Meprolight is a leading manufacturer and marketer of wide-ranging electro-optical and optical weapon sights and devices. These include multi-purpose reflex sight with laser designators, night vision systems, and a large variety of night sights (map readers, aiming post lights, aircraft markers, etc), LED illuminated products as well as accessories.
These MEPROLIGHT products and others are intended for multiple safety and security applications carried out by military forces, civilian elements and law enforcement agencies in numerous countries on six continents.

Maverick Defense Technologies Ltd

Maverick Defense Technologies Ltd is a globally recognized supplier of assorted military and law enforcement equipment (both new and surplus), in addition to the training of military & police units, counter-terror units, bodyguards, anti-narcotic units, Homeland Security (HLS) units and rescue teams.

SOLTAM Systems Ltd

SOLTAM designs and manufactures various mortars and ammunitions offered to armed forces around the world and chosen for use by the IDF and the U.S. Army for infantry forces.
Soltam designs and manufactures various portable, and self-propelled mortars for numerous military applications as well as mortar ammunition (high explosive, smoke, illumination bombs, etc) utilized worldwide.


Dogma deals with the full range of establishing security dog units for various forces (military, security, etc) around the world, establishing up to date, trained and professional K9 alignments.

Sansolo Security Consulting Ltd

Sansolo is an Israeli company specializing in all manners pertaining to explosives, demolition, and combat pyrotechnics offering security consulting as well as development and production of patented products.

Quadro Projects & Technologies Ltd

With a team consisting of former senior Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) with years of demining/EOD background, Quadro provides Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) capabilities, including transportation, destruction techniques, disassembly, and disposal measures as well as the design and production of Instruction Auxiliaries and Cross Sections. The company provides systems and solutions such as systems for treating dangerous materials, mine area crossing technologies, and services covering all aspects of EODs and mines, from ordinance disposal to environmental consulting services.

Maavarim Civil Engineering Ltd

Maavarim Civil Engineering employs top experts with years of experience towards development and production of the company s extensive high-tech equipment, which includes sophisticated detection and location devices as well as remotely-controlled electronic systems. Maavarim provides heavy equipment for de-mining large-scale areas as well as robotics for disarming mined explosives.

IEOD Engineering LTD

Established in 1985 under the goal of providing years of professional experience in the fields of EODs and mining solutions, International Explosive Ordnance Disposal Engineering Ltd. (IEOD) offers its services to civilian markets for a wide range of applications.


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