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Homomorphic Encryption

IBM researchers have developed a security system for cloud services based on homomorphic encryption. The solution facilitates analysis of encrypted information, without allowing the user to see the private data, and still produce the same insights in the analysis as if the data completely was visible

US President Barack Obama (Photo: AP)

The Year Obama Wasted

The year 2013 had been defined by many as “the year of decision”. Now, as it draws to a close, Dr. Rafael Ofek tries to understand whether our situation has improved or has the recent events in the Middle East worn out Israel’s maneuvering options

Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon in the Givati Training (Photo: Ariel Hermoni, IMOD)

Iron Dome Deployed in Southern Israel

Iron Dome batteries were deployed in the South, after a rocket was fired on villages last night. There were no casualties or damage. Israel will examine response to the shooting

Illustration of China's fighter stealth aircraft - the J-25

China's New Stealth Aircraft

China's aviation industries are working extra hours on producing stealth aircraft. The J-20 and J-31 aircraft are in development and the J-23 and J-25 have been already participating in military exercises, as part of the country's preparations to take the hold of the Pacific from the US

Civilian UAV in China (Photo: english.agri.gov.cn)

Authorized: Civilian UAV Operating License

The Civil Aviation Authority of Israel authorized two companies, Steadicopter and Bladeworks, to operate UAVs in the civilian airspace of Israel

Cyber Threats Forecast for 2014

What will be the prominent trends in the cyber world in 2014? Which of them will impact more on information security and on our lives next year? Information security professionals of "CyberArK", mark the future threats to the global cyber environment

Bezalel Machlis (Photo: Meir Azulay)

Exclusive Interview with Elbit CEO

New issue of Israel Defense: President and CEO of Elbit Systems, Bezalel Machlis, in an exclusive interview. More in the issue: Extensive project for the upcoming CyberTech 2014 conference, the IDF’s subterranean challenge, and commander of the Armored Corps talks about the future of the armor. All this and more in issue no. 17 - now in stores and headed to subscribers

Chairman and General-Director of IMI with the Prime Minister's Office Director-General (Photo: IMI)

IMI Privatization is Underway

Director General of Israeli Ministry of Defense, Dan Harel, has signed an agreement allowing the privatization of the defense company. Harel: “This is a national-level strategic move”


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