Croatia's Upgraded M-84 MBT Could Include Rafael's Samson RCWS

The Croatian Armed Forces are planning to upgrade their fleet of 75 M-84 main battle tanks. One of the upgrade versions includes a Rafael Samson Remote Controlled Weapon Station

Croatian M-84 Main Battle Tanks during a military parade in 2015 (Credit Wikipedia)

The Croatian Armed Forces are planning to upgrade their M-84 main battle tanks (MBTs), according to the country's procurement plan for 2018. According to the Military Balance 2017 analytical report issued by the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), the Croatian Armed Forces operated 75 M-84 MBTs as of early 2017.

The Croatian MoD did not specify the areas of the M-84 upgrade. It should be mentioned that the local Duro Dakovic Company has developed a modernized variant of the M-84 designated M-84D. The M-84A4 Sniper and the M-84D share the same 125 mm main gun. However, the M-84D is additionally protected by the RRAK explosive reactive armor (ERA) applique suite and the IRD-4B laser warning system.

The modernized tank is fitted with the Omega digital ballistic computer made by Slovenia's Fotona and a Samson Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) made by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. The M-84D has a cruising range of 700 km, a maximum speed of 65 km/h and a rate of fire of nearly nine rounds per minute. The latest development in the M-84D project is the replacement of the organic Samson-type Weapon station by Kongsberg's Protector RCWS armed with a 12.7 mm heavy machinegun (presumably to increase the number of alternatives for the client).


[Source: Army Recognition]

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