IAI's Custodio Technologies Doubles its Revenues

The Singaporean R&D Center of IAI expanded its reach into APAC during 2017 with two contracts signed with government customers in two ASEAN countries

Custodio's booth at Cybertech Singapore 2015

Custodio Technologies, a Singaporean R&D Center of IAI reaching over 13M$SG and doubles the revenue. The company expanded its reach into APAC during 2017 with two contracts signed with government customers in two ASEAN countries.

During 2017, Custodio Technologies first developed technology mature into a commercializable product, with the release of V1.0 of ORBWEAVER, a data leak early warning solution. ORBWEAVER allows its users to know of data breaches or leaks using innovative methods, as well as potentially revealing information about the unauthorized user. ORBWEAVER uses methods which are covert and effective against both technical and manual exfiltration.

Another breakthrough was the awarding of a grant for a joint R&D project with the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), and in collaboration with Star Hub. The grant was awarded as part of the inaugural Singapore Cyber Security Consortium’s (SGCSC) Seed Grant Call 2017. The project’s subject − Identification of IoT devices behind  NAT (Network Address Translation) while ensuring the preservation of data privacy − is an essential building block in the development of a full-fledged solution which will potentially enable telecommunications service providers to have visibility to abnormal (potentially malicious) traffic originating from home IoTs. It aims to enable Telcos to effectively scale and defend their infrastructure against cyber-attacks, minimizing service disruption to its customers, while ensuring the preservation of data privacy.

Custodio is scheduled to release its second commercializable technology, an incident analysis and attribution platform, in H1 2018.

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