Israel, Poland to Cooperate on Energy Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Photo Credit: Yossi Weiss

Polish power grid operator PSE (Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne) will cooperate with Israel Electric Corporation to fight potential cyber threats in the energy sector.

PSE started a computer emergency response team (CERT) at the end of 2016 to help maintain cybersecurity. The special unit has already started cooperation with its counterparts in the United States and Norway. The Polish power grid operator said the Israeli utility was a leader in its region in the cybersecurity field.

"We gain an experienced partner, effective in fighting cybercrime. This is extremely important at a time when cybercriminals and cyber-terrorists develop cooperation among themselves and create more and more advanced tools of attacks," PSE CEO Eryk Klossowski was quoted as saying in a statement.

PSE had said in the past that its IT systems are being regularly targeted by cybercriminals, but the attempts are successfully repelled.


[Source: Reuters]

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