The Philippines to Acquire Three Attack Crafts with Rafael Systems

The Philippine government has authorized the purchase of three Multi-Purpose Attack Crafts, which are expected to be fitted with Rafael's weapon stations and Spike-ER missiles

According to a report by Max Defense, the Philippine military is purchasing the fourth batch of Multi-Purpose Attack Crafts (MPACs), "which is covered under SARO-BMB-D-17-0024343 worth Php269,799,999.99" (about $5.4 million). The report adds that the units "would be likely acquired through Public Bidding which may start by early to mid-2018."

"MaxDefense expects that local company Propmech Corporation and its partner Lung Teh Shipbuilding would be at the forefront again, considering they supplied the last three batches of earlier MPACs. It is also expected that this batch of MPACs will be armed with missiles, most probably Rafael's Spike-ER similar to those to be armed on the MPAC Mk.3, and would be funded and acquired separately from the MPACs itself."

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