Spain Approved Budget for Spike Procurement

Spain committed $2.1 billion of funding for a series of armament programs. Part of the funds will be allocated for the purchase of Spike-LR missiles from Rafael

Spain committed €1.8 billion ($2.1 billion) of funding for a series of special armament programs, with funding now falling under core ministry of defense spending in line with an announcement made by the government in March 2017, according to

Agustin Conde, Spain’s secretary for defense, announced at that time that obligations accrued to these programs were going to be included in the core defense budget, like in the forms of loans or arrears payments. As part of the massive defense acquisitions, Spain intends to purchase Spike-LR missiles from Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

Earlier this year, the Spanish Ministry of Defense announced its intention to purchase 260 Spike launchers and 2550 missiles.

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