NATO Working to Form 'Cyber Doctrine'

NATO is working on a "special doctrine" for cyber operations and taking steps to help member states bolster their cyber defenses, The Hill reported Monday. 

Merle Maigre, Director of the NATO-affiliated cyber center, outlined the alliance’s multi-pronged efforts on cybersecurity during an appearance at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

"NATO is currently on its way to come to a better understanding and develop its thinking [of] how cyber defense is better reflected in both policy planning and military planning," Maigre said. "NATO is developing a special doctrine for cyber operations. NATO’s center in Tallinn is the custodian for the doctrine." 

Maigre added that the alliance is also focused on building “resilience” among member states so they can better protect their systems. "Where NATO is currently going is helping the allies to build resilience, providing a framework for member states to have a better understanding of ... their critical information protection, how these systems are being developed and who is responsible for that," she explained.

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