AUSA 2017: What Will The Israeli Companies Showcase

Next week the AUSA exhibition will open in Washington D.C.. As always the Israeli companies will draw interest from the visitors at the site. Here are some of the solutions for the ground forces that the Israeli companies will exhibit

(Photo: IDF)

One of the biggest land exhibitions in the world will open next week in the U.S.. AUSA 2017 will be visited by thousands of visitors and delegations from countries around the world. As always the Israeli companies that are participating will be a focus of interest with their advanced solutions for the ground forces. Here are some of the participating Israeli companies:

Elbit Systems of America, LLC, will highlight its portfolio of advanced capabilities and solutions for the United States Army during the event. The company will highlight its advanced technologies, capabilities, and solutions to improve Soldier mission effectiveness and readiness.

One of these systems is the vehicle sensor systems of IronVisionTM allow warfighters to “see through” closed hatch vehicles, 360-degree situational awareness and increased survivability. Full mission sensors suites for helicopters including advanced sensors, large area displays, multi-core mission processors, helmet display and tracking systems, and communication equipment provide pilots with critical flight data, reducing pilot workload and increasing situational awareness in all weather conditions.

Other systems include Elbit's missile warning systems (MWS), Advanced C4I allows for greater awareness and mission effectiveness, he Immune Satellite Navigation System (iSNS) provides jamming immunity for multiple satellite channels and manages multiple interfering signals and/or jammers operating, and more.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will present a variety of solutions to the ground forces at AUSA. The exhibition will be led by Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Gadi Shamni, Executive VP of Land Systems. The systems that will be presented will focus on the company's perception of the future battlefield, such as power protection, precision munitions, solutions for asymmetric warfare and more.

IAI will present the tactical Loitering Munitions (LM) the Green Dragon and the ROTEM. Tactical, low-cost LM designed to provide small ground units and special operations units with significant situational awareness and firepower in a compact envelope.

Another system that will be presented is BlueDome- designed to reduce friendly fire casualties in complex battlefields by promptly and reliably identifying friendly forces and their locations in the battlefield. BlueDome operation is based on a lightweight transponder device worn by each soldier that transmits coded information with the soldier's ID and location.

IAI will present 'TopGun', a course correction fuze for 155mm artillery shells. In addition the company will present a variety of EO/IR payloads, ground robotic systems and more.

IMI Systems will present in AUSA 2017 a variety of weapons systems customized to the US Army needs, including the IF-LD light configuration Active Protection System (APS) suitable for all types of armored fighting vehicles (AFVs), the Accular 12 rocket for Special Forces and light launchers and the "Hatzav" 105 mm tank shell for the US Army and NATO armies' light tanks.

The IF-LC Light Configuration Active Protection System (APS) is a combat solution for all types of Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs), from light vehicles, such as the JLTV, Medium vehicles such as the Bradley Armored Personnel Carrier (APCs), to the Abrams MBT. The IF-LC system addresses threats such as short-range RPGs, anti-tank missiles and types of ammunition fired from non-recoilless guns. The system includes an interception unit consisting of a combination of sensing and response systems, in a non-penetrating installation, which enables a generic solution for all types of vehicles and rugs, including tools that cannot be answered within existing solutions in the market, Provides the ability to upgrade to large fleets of vehicles and helicopters that are in service in the various armies.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems unveils the new Samson Dual M230LF RWS. The new Samson Dual 30 mm M230LF RWS is designed to address the US Army and Marine Corps operational needs, including low-intensity urban conflict, enemy Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) and dismounted enemy forces.

The Dual M230LF is imbued with all of the functionality and performance of the Samson RWS Family with significant improvements, including armor protection and under-armor reloading capabilities which boost crew survivability. The Samson Dual M230LF RWS mounts two main and secondary armaments, including a 30 mm M230LF cannon and 7.62 mm Coaxial General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG). This enables the force to effectively close the fire loop with varying degrees of fire-power, from short range dismounted personnel to medium range Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs).

RT LTA Systems Ltd., an Israeli designer, developer, and manufacturer of aerostats for use in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and communications applications, will present the new capabilities of the Skystar 100 aerostat for the first time. The system now offers highly precise movement detection and enhanced target tracking capabilities, and can provide high-quality images while operating at long distances.

Among the additions to the system are a lightweight HD payload, upgraded software features which include advanced target tracking and digital video stabilization, and an advanced cable transmission mechanism which simplifies the deployment and maintenance of the aerostat.

According to Rami Shmueli, RT's CEO, "We recently completed development of the enhanced ISR capabilities for the Skystar 100, following feedback from the field. Our clients, especially those in the US dealing with border protection issues, are in need of a multi-mission, compact aerostat with superior detection and tracking capabilities - and the new generation Skystar 100 is exactly that.” 

Automotive Robotic Industry Ltd. (ARI), an Israeli developer of advanced mission-oriented Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV), highlights the AMSTAF family of autonomous, multi-mission robotic vehicles. These vehicles will be offered in three (3) sizes – four (4), six (6) and eight (8) wheels, designed for carrying various payloads, for different purposes and missions.

The AMSTAF UGVs are highly maneuverable and robust. They have two electric motors with continuous torque to all axles, skid steering, and an integral generator allowing for up to forty-eight (48) hours of continuous operation, with a duty cycle of 70%.

ACS Industries, an Israeli supplier of grenade carriers, will present the Grenade Trigger Pouch – its unique rigid carrier for fast and safe handling of fragmentation and flash bang grenades – at AUSA 2017 which will take place at Washington D.C. on October 9-11. Enabling one-handed grenade retrieval, the pouch is intended for use by any fighter carrying a grenade, and was specially designed for military and police Special Forces and counterterrorism units.

Custom-molded from composite materials, the Grenade Trigger Pouch can be customized to fit every type and model of grenade, and is already available for six (6) popular grenade types. The pouch has a unique ergonomic structure and employs five separate security measures which enable both safe handling as well as fast and efficient grenade operation – crucial when fighting terror.

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