UN Cyberwarfare Talks Collapsed Due to Dispute between the West and China, Russia

Part of the dispute was over the difficulty of establishing who is responsible for a foreign cyber-attack

Thirteen years of negotiations at the United Nations aimed at restricting cyberwarfare collapsed in June, it has emerged, due to a bitter dispute between Russia, China and Cuba and Western countries, according to The Guardian.

The split among legal and military experts at the UN has reinforced distrust at a time of mounting diplomatic tension over cyber-attacks, such as the 2016 hacking of the US Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) computers.

Negotiations aimed at forging an international legal framework governing cybersecurity began in 2004. Experts from 25 countries, including the UK and all the other members of the UN Security Council, participated in the discussions.

Part of the dispute was over the difficulty of establishing who is responsible for a foreign cyber-attack. Proving whether hackers had state backing is extremely difficult, particularly for countries that do not possess adequate technological resources.


[Source: The Guardian]

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