Russia to Field-Test New Mi-28UB Attack Helicopter in Syria

Russia’s newest helicopter Mi-28UB will be tested in Syria, said Andrei Boginsky, CEO of the Helicopters of Russia Company. TASS reports that the Helicopters of Russia's general designer, Nikolai Pavlenko, said eight new Mi-28UB helicopters would be provided for the Aerospace Force later this year.

"Currently the Mi-28N helicopter has a crew of two - the pilot and the operator. The task of the new project is to turn the helicopters into a combined combat and training aircraft, with the full set of controls in front of both seats. We would like these helicopters (Mi-28UB) to undergo tests here (in Syria)," Boginsky said in an interview on the Zvezda TV news channel recorded at the Hmeymim air base. 

According to Russian Helicopters, the Mi-28NE "Night Hunter" is a modern attack helicopter designed to carry out search and destroy operations against tanks, armored and unarmored vehicles, and enemy personnel in combat, as well as low-speed airborne targets.


[Source: TASS]

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