A New Issue of Israel Defense: Is Israel's Air Superiority in Peril?

The 38th issue of Israel Defense magazine is now making its way to our readers worldwide. The new Summer issue reviews the balance of air power in the Middle East: is the Jewish State in danger of losing its air superiority?

The acquisition of modern aircraft and cutting-edge airborne systems by Middle Eastern countries and the changing modes of warfare present some serious challenges to the Israeli Air Force. The new Summer issue of the Israel Defense magazine provides an exclusive review of the balance of aerial power in the region.

In addition, the issue includes a special interview with Yossi Weiss, CEO of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), who talks about the company's turbulent year, as well as its latest technological developments. The interview also gives an inside look at the intricate relationships within the Israeli defense industry.

One of the highlights of issue no. 38 is a special centerfold dedicated to the Israeli-made small arms: all of the models and manufacturers.

Also in this issue:

Hamas at a Crossroads: On the tenth anniversary of Hamas’ takeover of the Gaza Strip, an exclusive analysis of the organization's geo-political situation.

"The Next Revolution will Involve Automatic Handling of Information": A special interview with Elad Aharonson, Elbit Systems’ EVP & GM ISTAR Division, on the future of intelligence/surveillance systems and UAVs.

The Covert War against Terrorism Funding: To stage a terrorist attack, the perpetrators need money – and a lot of it. Exclusive review of the global terrorism funding networks in the 21st century.

A Modern Solution for Past Problems: The Israeli defense industries invest in the development of cutting-edge antitank weapons – not necessarily for the purpose of engaging armored elements. 

The Next Generation of IAF’s OrBat? From new heavy-lift helicopters to the next generation of the veteran F-15 fighter jet – the IAF is looking toward a possible upgraded order of battle

The Realm of Uncertainty: About six months after entering office, US President Donald Trump manages to surprise both his opponents and supporters.

The Iraqi "Operation Moked": On the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War, a reexamination of the Iraqi “Operation Moked” in 1980, which aimed at neutralizing the Iranian Air Force.

And many other fascinating articles in the latest issue of Israel Defense.


The issue is now delivered to subscribers and available in select bookstores around the world.


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