Report: Nigeria to purchase JF-17 Multi-Role Combat Aircraft

By Eric Salard - 13-143 JF-17 PAKISTAN AIR FORCE LBG, CC BY-SA 2.0,

According to ,the officially sanctioned Appropriation Act for 2016 – i.e. the 2016 Nigerian Federal Budget – confirms an order for three JF-17 multi-role combat aircraft.

The JF-17 is jointly produced and marketed by Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) and the Aviation Industry Corporation of China. In December, PAC announced that it handed over 70 JF-17s to the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), the platform’s sole user, currently.

Nigeria has issued USD $1.5 million for the purchase in 2016. However, the proposed 2017 budget lists USD $68.76 million for “platform acquisitions … for counter air, counter surface, air ops for strategic effect and air support operations.”

The report adds that it is possible that the proposed 2017 budget allocates funds for the JF-17s in flyaway condition, meaning the NAF will pay for and receive the fighter units, but will pay for the maintenance, logistics, and training in subsequent annually-paid terms as it operates the aircraft.

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