Der Spiegel: Syria is Developing Nuclear Arms

Some time ago, Europe and the US have declared that Assad has surrendered his entire chemical arsenal. However, recent satellite images indicate that Assad has not given up his dream of an atomic weapon and has apparently built a new nuclear facility at a secret location

New intelligence suggests that Bashar al-Assad is still trying to obtain atomic weapons, possibly with help from North Korea and Iran, according to a report on the German weekly Der Spiegel.

The most recent satellite images, published on Der Spiegel, show six structures: a guard house and five sheds, three of which conceal entrances to the facility below. The site also has special access to the power grid, connected to the nearby city of Blosah. A particularly suspicious detail is the deep well which connects the facility with Zaita Lake, four kilometers away. Such a connection is unnecessary for a conventional weapons cache, but it is essential for a nuclear facility.

The German weekly published that the Syrian facility is situated close to the border with Lebanon, citing intelligence sources and satellite imagery. According to the report, the installation is secured by Hezbollah forces, and the scientists working there are from Iran and North Korea.

Analysts say that the Syrian atomic weapon program has continued in a secret, underground location. According to information they have obtained, approximately 8,000 fuel rods are stored there. Furthermore, a new reactor or an enrichment facility has very likely been built at the site - a development of incalculable geopolitical consequences.

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The impact of Assad acquisition of nuclear weapons is clear. He will definitely use them to eliminate the terrorists, ISIS and the like, which Israel has been nurturing for years. This is something that simply cannot be allowed. From reports I have been reading at work, he could have an operational weapon in months. It is time Israel used the neutron bomb that has cost so much to develop. There is little point in the development of clean nuclear weapons if you don't use them. This weapon produces minimal contamination and if widely deployed on major population centres in Syria we would be able to open new settlements within 6 months. While there would be some contamination to clean up, with minimal protective clothing it is believed that this could provide an excellent employment opportunity for Palestinians.

Sir, you are out of your mine. minimal nuclear contamination? Able to settle in 6 months period after the bombing? While It's agreeable that Syria must be stop if this report happens to be legit, but talking about using nuclear bombs and specially so close to your own country is madness. There is not such a thing as minimal nuclear contamination.

Mr Goldman, are you for real? how on earth can you contenance nuclear devices? Surely you must know that when such a device is used, the legacy is nothing but death and contamination. My best advice is that you think in a less aquistitional manner and have a great deal more respect for humanity. Grow up for goodness sake.

Dave, you can obviously "read", however, you must have missed those classes on "READING FOR COMPREHENSION"! Time for night school amigo!

Syria isn't the problem. Neither is Iran. Israel is.

How many times Israel invaded with the intent to destroy that nation? How many nations, Arab and Iran, have stated over and over their intent to destroy Israel? How many times has Israel threatened to destroy another nation?

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