Hamas militants dressed as suicide bombers (Photo: AP)

Palestinian “Sacredness” and the Law of Armed Conflict

Under pertinent international law, permissible behavior can never stem from overtly wrongful behavior. It follows, inter alia, that insistent Palestinian pleas for “martyrdom” must necessarily represent calls for illegal expressions of force against Israel. Always, in these matters, what is sacred to the Palestinian side is also grievously unlawful. Opinion

Photo: AP

Unhidden Risks of US Nuclear Command Authority

As the increasingly problematic Trump presidency sinks even more deeply into chaos and decisional incoherence, the most worrisome risks will center on nuclear command authority. In principle, at least, these overriding risks could impact principal US allies, including Israel. Opinion

President Maduro shielded by his security detail (Photo: AP)

The “Drone Assassination Attempt” on the Venezuelan President

According to videos and details published in the Venezuelan media, President Maduro has survived an assassination attempt by explosive-laden drones. Analysis of the media reports and the behavior of the president and his security detail raises some questions regarding the alleged terrorist attack

A railway track near Rason city, North Korea (Photo: AP)

The “Silk Railway” Leads to Pyongyang

The new connectivity to Eurasia opens the Korean peninsula to the world and presents vast economic and geopolitical opportunities. Special analysis by Prof. Giancarlo Elia Valori

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei attends a ceremony in a military academy in Tehran (Photo: AP)

From the Crusader Kingdom to the Jewish State through the Islamic Revolution

As a response to Iran's efforts to export the Islamic revolution throughout the region, it appears that some Middle Eastern countries are starting to change their approach toward Israel. Special analysis by Brig. Gen. (res.) Hannan Gefen

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman (Photo: AP)

Selective Nuclear Disclosure and Israel's Strategic Deterrence

Prof. Louis René Beres argues it is time for Israel to think more seriously about a suitably refined and incremental end to "deliberate nuclear ambiguity," especially concerning an optimally comprehensive and seamless strategy of deterrence. Opinion

Hamas militant in Gaza (Photo: AP)

Israel’s Dilemma in the Gaza Strip

For years, Israel has operated under the assumption that it would be preferable for Hamas to remain in power in Gaza, rather than a more radical faction. Lior Ackerman, a former senior ISA officer, believes it is time for a strategy shift. The full article will be published in the upcoming issue of Israel Defense Magazine
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