Photo: IDF

“Feeling Hezbollah’s Pulse”

Facing Hezbollah, along Israel's northern border, are the warfighters of the Shahaf Combat Intelligence Collection battalion. “Hezbollah's technological strengthening notwithstanding, the capabilities of the IDF in the field of intelligence collection are prominently superior,” says the Battalion Commander, Lt. Col. Tomer Meltzman. Special visit to one of Israel's hottest border sectors

President Trump (Photo: AP(

Will President Trump "Rip Up" the Iranian Nuclear Agreement

Iran occasionally conducts itself contrary to its commitments subject to the JCPOA agreement, and its policy in the Middle East, as well as its ballistic missile program, contradict the spirit of that agreement. Consequently, specifically against the background of the nuclear threat of Pyongyang, President Trump may not recertify the agreement with Iran on October 15

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani (Photo: AP)

Report: Iran attempted to buy nuclear technology illegally 32 times

According to three German intelligence reports that were obtained by Fox News, Tehran tried to buy this technology in Germany. This information was obtained by Fox News, ahead of President Trump’s planned announcement Thursday on whether the U.S. will recertify the Iran deal

״We Have to Stop This״

On the 5th anniversary of the Second Lebanon War, a minute-by-minute account of the war's break out. Chapter One in Amir Rapaport's Fire on Our Forces: How We Failed Ourselves in the Second Lebanon War — A special IsraelDefense project
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