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Photo credit: Meir Azulay

A New Issue of Israel Defense: The Drums of War are Beating

The 42nd issue of Israel Defense magazine comes amid the rising tensions between Israel and Hamas in the southern sector and the increasingly frequent incidents opposite Syrian and Iranian forces in the north. Is Israel headed for wide-scale confrontation?

A warfighter of the IDF Nesher Battalion (Photo: Meir Azulay)

Looking Hamas in the Eye

The warfighters of the IDF Nesher Battalion occupy one of the hottest border sectors in Israel – the Gaza Strip. Collecting intelligence on riots and disturbances at the border fence, terror kites, and offensive underground tunnels, the Battalion's warfighters spare no effort to provide accurate and professional intelligence. Special visit to the volatile sector

Hawk missiles displayed during a military parade in Tel Aviv, 1965 (Photo: Wikipedia)

Hawks vs. Doves: The Story of the First US-Israel Arms Deal

Today, the close defense relations between Israel and the United States appear to be natural and normal – but this was not always the case. Dr. Hayim Iserovich returns to the first arms deal in the 1960s and to the difficulties involved with the American decision to finally authorize the sale of arms to Israel, primarily the game-changing Hawk missile

Maj. G. (Photo: IDF)

First Female Flight Squadron Commander in the IAF

IAF Commander on Tuesday appointed Maj. G. as the first female flight squadron commander in the service. She will be promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel and command the 122nd ("Nachshon") Squadron. "It is both a great privilege and a great responsibility. The real work is still ahead of me"
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