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Archive photo: IAF website

Israel Offers Upgraded F-16s to Colombia

The Colombian Air Force is looking for 12 to 18 advanced combat aircraft to replace its current IAI Kfirs. Israel would put the F-16s through a service-life extension program that would include replacement of structural parts and upgrades to the avionics and engine

Archive photo: IAF website

IAF to Integrate F-15 Simulator at Hatzor Airbase

Hatzor AFB's Mission Training Center is currently in the process of integrating an F-15 simulator, according to the IAF website. The process is led by the IAF's Flight Test Center and the 69th Squadron, which operates the "Ra'am" (F-15I) fighter jet

The new satellite will be based on the SSL 1300 commercial communications satellite platform (Image: SSL)

Spacecom Selects SSL to Build AMOS-8 Communications Satellite

Scheduled for launch in 2020 to 4°West orbital position, AMOS-8 satellite will increase access to high-speed data and streaming entertainment to customers across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East

"There is no platform that we do not fly, and there is no platform that does not go through MANAT" (Photo: IDF)

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They fly an extensive range of aircraft types, test each and every new software package and weapon system, and experience a host of extremely dangerous flight situations. Meet the pilots and aircrew of the IAF's Flight Testing Center
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