Shabtai Shoval

שבתאי שובל הוא שותף ומייסד של חברות SDS ו- RAZ SYSTMS  העוסקות בטכנולוגיות הגנה לתחום הסייבר.

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The Day After Zero Day

Regardless of the resources invested in cybersecurity, all organizations are exposed to hacking. That is why the real challenge is the "Day After"

Photo by Private Yuval Shmueli, IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Is the IDF Ready for an All-Out War with Iran?

Trump's "game of thrones" regarding Jerusalem has left Israel even more exposed to the dangers of Iran's actions. Israel must seriously consider taking military and awareness-raising measures to create deterrence vis-à-vis Tehran. Opinion


Egypt Air Plane Crash – The Yet-To-Be Learned Lesson

Airport authorities have yet realize that it is not enough to check for weapons. Without verifying the intentions of the passengers, aircrew, pilots and even the airport employees – it will remain very difficult to thwart attacks on civil aircraft. Opinion