Danielle Roth-Avneri

אלופת ישראל בקליעה (ירי אולימפי) לשעבר במשך 8 שנים, מדליסטית הארד מאליפות העולם 2006 ועד היום מחזיקה בשיאי ישראל 

Israel Shmilovitz, IMI's VP amd Managing Director of the SCA Division (Photo: Meir Azulay)

"When They Need a Special Cartridge They Come to Us"

IMI's Small Caliber Ammunition Division is the only supplier of small caliber ammunition to IDF. An exclusive visit to the manufacturing plant in Nazareth provided insights to IMI's innovative marketing methods, future plans and potential markets worldwide

Always Vigilant

The Ministry of Public Security is revising the Firearms Law, intended to compel bearers of a firearms license by virtue of their professional to pass mental competence examinations. Exclusive interview with the person in charge of the Firearm Licensing Departmen