Meir Gershuni

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מאיר גרשוני, לשעבר בכיר בשב"כ ובעלים של חברת יעוץ לאבטחה.

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New Counterterrorism Trends in Europe

The intense media reaction to every terror attack in Europe is leading to public uproar and demand for a change in internal security policy. Meir Gershuni discusses the measures taken by European governments in their fight against terrorism

Vacations and Terrorism

The attack in the resort town in Tunisia last weekend proved once again that the soft underbelly of many countries is its tourist sites and hotels. Meir Gershuni on the need to draw the necessary conclusions with regard to the security settings of tourist resorts around the world. Opinion

Unmanned Toys and Dangerous Games

The rapid technological development and the current situation in the civilian unmanned aerial vehicle market have significantly increased the severity of the threats imposed on various installations and sensitive targets. These targets are currently vulnerable to a variety of potential attack methods. Meir Gershuni offers a security solution for the threat