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סא"ל (מיל') ד"ר רפאל אופק הוא מומחה לפיזיקה וטכנולוגיה של הגרעין. בעברו הוא שירת בקהיליית המודיעין הישראלית כחוקר ומנתח בכיר,

Construction work on the Light Water Reactor at Kumho, North Korea (Photo: AP)

Unraveling North Korea's Centrifuge Program

Although North Korea's centrifuge project is a certain fact, it raises quite a few questions: What is the scope of this project? Are they developing nuclear weapons based on enriched uranium? And to what extent are the Iranians involved?

The Arak heavy water production facility, Iran (Photo: AP)

Unmasking Iran's "Research Institute"

The unveiling of the "Physics Research Center" involved in clandestine procurement for the benefit of Iran's nuclear program contributed to the sanctions imposed on Iran and to the significant decelerating of Iran's progress toward the bomb

The reactor of Bushehr nuclear plant, Iran (Photo: AP)

The Road to Perdition: Iran's Nuclear Program

Although Iran has been complying with its commitments according to the nuclear agreement for the time being, its current conduct suggests that it retains the option of renewing the military nuclear program

Gaddafi's Mental Follies and Megalomania

The chaos in Libya pursuant to Muammar Gaddafi's toppling has sharpened the dilemma: what is preferable for the Middle East – the stable regime of a tyrant or the disintegration of states even through a process of severe violence

Israeli Intelligence in the Cold War

In contrary to claims about alleged Israeli espionage against the United States, one should note the tremendous contribution of the Israeli intelligence community in the form of information provided to the US of Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles

Iranian Revulotionary Guard (Photo: AP)

"Janus Faced" - Iran’s Two Faces

As an antithesis to the face smiling at the West, Iran still pursues its anti-western activities and continues to support terrorism - which face represents the real Iran?

A Black Hole in the Islamic Space

Like a black hole that swallows everything around it, Iran aspires to swallow the countries surrounding it and reestablish the Persian Empire “from India even unto Ethiopia”. How will the world in general, and Israel in particular, respond?Iran is like a black hole. What is the right response?