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Mr. Amir Rapaport is the founder and Editor in Chief of IsraelDefense Magazine - an international magazine on Israeli military and defense affairs. He is a former military correspondent and commentator, an author and research associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (BESA) of Bar-Ilan University.

Photo Credit: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

"In Modern Warfare All Systems Must be Interconnected"

In an exclusive interview with Israel Defense, the CEO of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, Maj. Gen. (res.) Yoav Har-Even talks about the Company's new strategy, the systems they intend to develop (and those they intend to avoid), and the future of Israel's defense industries

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High Alert in all Sectors

The declaration of President Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's Capital, the mounting tension at the northern border, the missile that was not launched, and the controversy regarding the integration of women as IDF tank crew members – all in Amir Rapaport's weekly column

Defense Minister Lieberman tours the northern border (Photo: Ariel Hermoni, IMOD)

Israel's Verbal War

Israel's belligerent declarations vis-à-vis the Iranian entrenchment in Syria and the possibility of a vengeance attack by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad were irregularly harsh. What is happening behind the scenes of this verbal battle? Amir Rapaport's weekly column

Islamic Jihad masked gunmen attend the funeral of their comrades who died following the detonation of a militant tunnel on Monday (Photo: AP)

A Strike with Seven Unknown Variables

The most pressing concern for the Israeli defense establishment this past week was how to prevent the situation in the south, and possibly in other sectors as well, from escalating – following the blasting of an Islamic Jihad attack tunnel. Amir Rapaport's weekly column

(Photo: IDF)

The Kahane Affair

 A country needs people who do not always operate strictly 'by the book' or according to the explicit orders," says Maj.-Gen. (res.) Gershon HaCohen, concerning the reports surrounding Brig. Gen. Mordechai Kahane; Syrian president Assad seems to be on solid grounds as the Syrian civil war progresses. Amir Rappaport's weekly column  

DMZ Zone between North and South Korea (Photo: AP(

The Volatile Potential of the Tensions in the Far East

The IAF strike against the Syrian SAM battery is an element of Israel's strategy of countering the empowerment efforts of potential enemies without escalating into an all-out war; in the Far East, the first indications are emerging of a nuclear arms race that could spread to the Middle East; also: does the Palestinian reconciliation present an opportunity, the Israeli public announcements notwithstanding? Amir Rapaport's weekly column

Rafael CEO Maj. Gen. (ret.) Yoav Har Even, center, Brig. Gen. (ret.) Shmuel Olansky, left, and guest at Rafael's booth at DSEI 2017 (Photo: Israel Defense)

Major Israeli Presence at DSEI 2017

The Israeli section at the DSEI 2017 in London draws special attention among visitors to the fair. Some 20 Israeli exhibitors take part in this event, regarded as one of the most important international events among Israeli defense industries. Amir Rapaport reports from London

Israeli submarine (Photo: Ariel Shalit, AP)

Will the Submarine Affair Affect Israel's Defense Industries?

As the investigation into the "Case 3000 Affair" intensifies and suspicions of corruption continue to surface, chances increase that within months, new regulations will be consolidated that would change the "rules of the game" for the Israeli defense industries. Amir Rapaport's weekly column