Amir Rapaport

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Mr. Amir Rapaport is the founder and Editor in Chief of IsraelDefense Magazine - an international magazine on Israeli military and defense affairs. He is a former military correspondent and commentator, an author and research associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (BESA) of Bar-Ilan University.

President Trump meets with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (Photo: AP)

Assessing the Damage: The Implications of the Leaked Intel for Israel

In his weekly column, Amir Rapaport discusses the intelligence information that had originated in Israel and subsequently shared by US President Donald Trump with the Russians: what is the truth regarding this affair, which reports were exaggerated and what are the implications for Israel?

An Elbit gun at the exhibition complementing the 2nd Ground Warfare and Logistics Conference in Latrun (Photo: Giiad Kavalerchik)

The New IDF Gun Shifts into High Gear

Amir Rapaport visited Elbit Systems' plant in Yokne'am, where the new mega-project of the IDF Ground Arm has been set in motion, and spoke to Elbit Systems' VP Land & C4I Systems, Boaz Cohen, about his division's primary growth engines: guns and robotics

The David's Sling system (Photo: United States Missile Defense Agency / Wikipedia)

Israel's Multi-Tier Missile Defense Revolution

The new development of the Arrow-III missile defense system is intended to engage ballistic missiles outside of the Earth's atmosphere, and augments Israel's multi-tier theater defense system. A peek into the impressive arsenal of Israel's defense industries in Amir Rapaport's weekly column

Photo: AP

The New Rules of the Game in Syria

The clashing inter-state interests in Syria heat up the northern front and present new challenges for Israel. Meanwhile, another major defense transaction with Germany gets into trouble. Amir Rapaport's weekly column