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Mr. Amir Rapaport is the founder and Editor in Chief of IsraelDefense Magazine - an international magazine on Israeli military and defense affairs. He is a former military correspondent and commentator, an author and research associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (BESA) of Bar-Ilan University.

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Record Number of Israeli Exhibitors at Eurosatory 2018

Seventy-three Israeli industries exhibited their products and services in one of the most important defense exhibitions in the world. Fifty-two of those companies presented their technologies at the Israeli National Pavilion. The Head of IMOD’s SIBAT, Brig. Gen. (res.) Michel Ben-Baruch: “Our advantage opposite the superpowers is in our quality and cutting-edge technology.” Special coverage from Paris

President Trump at the Singapore summit (Photo: AP)

The US-North Korea Summit: Implications for Israel

As far as the Israeli intelligence agencies are concerned, the historic summit between Trump and Kim is interesting primarily because of the impact on the Iranian nuclear program. Meanwhile, the European market has reawakened and now shows a lot of interest in the Israeli industries. Amir Rapaport's weekly column

Israeli armored vehicles take up positions along the border with the Gaza Strip (Photo: AP)

Seven Remarks Regarding the Latest Round of Fighting in Gaza

The current cycle in the southern sector is the outcome of the failure of the attempts by Hamas and Islamic Jihad to achieve a significant effect through their "March of Return" and penetration attempts; one more accomplishment for the Iron Dome interception system, and all eyes are once again on the northern sector. Amir Rapaport with a few insights as another tense week ends

IAF fighter jets (Photo: IDF)

US Withdrawal from JCPOA will not Stop Regional Arms Race

The Israeli strikes throughout Syria in response to the rocket salvo launched into the Golan Heights and the withdrawal from the JCPOA by the US President have unveiled a small portion of the arms race that has been underway in the last few months throughout the Middle East. Amir Rapaport's weekly column attempts to sort out the regional arsenals

PM Netanyahu's presents material on Iranian nuclear weapons development during a press conference in Tel Aviv (Photo: AP)

The Iranian-Israeli Confrontation: Q&A

The implications of the recent unveiling of the Iranian nuclear documents, along with the repeated attacks against select objectives in Syria, are not clear yet. In his weekly column, Amir Rapaport attempts to answer some of the pressing questions as yet another tense week draws to an end

PM Netanyahu leads a security cabinet tour in the Golan Heights, earlier this year (Kobi Gideon/GPO)

The Weaknesses in Israel's Policy for the Northern Theater

The tension in the north has broken all past records this week, with the US threatening to attack in Syria following the chemical attack against the rebel strongholds and the strike attributed to Israel against the Syrian airbase T4. The confrontation with Russia, into which Israel seems to be drawn, does not help the situation. Amir Rapaport's weekly column

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Deceptive Calm in the North; a Quiet Revolution in IDF

The deceptive calm on the northern front and the Gaza front, the quiet revolution the IDF is undergoing in the field of cyber and the controversy regarding the relocation of the intelligence complex to the Negev region – all in Amir Rapaport's weekly column