Louis René Beres

Hamas militants dressed as suicide bombers (Photo: AP)

Palestinian “Sacredness” and the Law of Armed Conflict

Under pertinent international law, permissible behavior can never stem from overtly wrongful behavior. It follows, inter alia, that insistent Palestinian pleas for “martyrdom” must necessarily represent calls for illegal expressions of force against Israel. Always, in these matters, what is sacred to the Palestinian side is also grievously unlawful. Opinion

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Unhidden Risks of US Nuclear Command Authority

As the increasingly problematic Trump presidency sinks even more deeply into chaos and decisional incoherence, the most worrisome risks will center on nuclear command authority. In principle, at least, these overriding risks could impact principal US allies, including Israel. Opinion

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman (Photo: AP)

Selective Nuclear Disclosure and Israel's Strategic Deterrence

Prof. Louis René Beres argues it is time for Israel to think more seriously about a suitably refined and incremental end to "deliberate nuclear ambiguity," especially concerning an optimally comprehensive and seamless strategy of deterrence. Opinion

Photo: IDF

Madness, Irrationality, and the Logic of Deterrence

In the final analysis, Israel's capacity to secure itself from determinedly existential threats will require a clear assessment of enemy strategic disposition and a willingness to link this indispensable capacity to analytic or intellectual tasks. Opinion

Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant (Photo: AP)

Recalling Project Daniel: Israel, Iran and Regional Nuclear War

Project Daniel was an early major effort to provide Israel's prime minister with scholarly assessments of Iran's future nuclear threat. It's original emphases on complex inter-dependencies between deterrence, defense and preemption options remain analytically sound and intellectually valid. Opinion

Palestinian militants rally in Gaza (Photo: AP)

Science, “Soul,” and the Management of Terrorism

Understood as the proper subject of academic investigation, in Israel and elsewhere, terrorism studies focus correctly on scientific and systematic inquires. Nonetheless, taking a page from Sigmund Freud, there should be a place reserved here as well for certain considerations of “soul.” Opinion

President Donald Trump with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (Photo: AP)

Essential Calculations of Rationality and Irrationality in US Nuclear Deterrence

Nuclear deterrence is a "game" that Donald Trump must learn to play, but only if he can first understand core elements of rationality and irrationality. These considerations will require a serious presidential commitment to solving complex analytic problems. Pertinent US decisions could have major security implications for Israel. Opinion

US President Donald Trump meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the White House (Photo: AP)

Prospects for Israel's Descent into Regional Chaos and War: The Trump Effect

Despite widely-held presumptions in Israel that US President Donald Trump is a security asset for the Jewish State, nothing could be further from the truth. Under no circumstances could Israel benefit from an American administration that is so plainly lacking in analytic, historical and intellectual vision. Opinion

USS Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group, reportedly deployed to the Mediterranean Sea (US Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Justin Lee Losack)

US-Russia Military Encounter in Syria: Implications for Israel

Although Israel seeks to make its own destiny in all military matters, Donald Trump is pushing America toward a superpower nuclear confrontation in Syria. Should this lead to actual nuclear conflict between Russia and the United States, the impact for Israel could be catastrophic. Opinion